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Collections online help

Welcome to the help page for our museum online collections.

Collections Online is a searchable database that provides access to basic information about many specimens from Natural History Museum Rijeka inventory.
Museum objects are organized in 24 museum collections, and there are approx. 18000 museum object records from those collections available online. Our online collections also include multimedia and further information about our diverse collections of objects. Each database record includes information about an object or specimen as well as an image, when available. The data presented here changes constantly as the result of ongoing curatorial research. Work to put our collections online is constantly ongoing and includes digitizing museum objects and adding ways to access them.

There are a two different ways to search the collections database. The basic search is a simple keyword search of the key fields in the museum’s collections database, and the advanced search is similar to the basic search but allows for more complex queries.For a more complete description of these search options, see below.

Basic search

The basic search includes searching using drop-down menu of our collections, or search on the following data fields:

The Museum inventory is organized in museum collections, and you can select an collection from the drop-down list and then you get a complete list by pressing the search button.

Museum Object number
It is a unique inventory number that is assigned by the Museum documentation system, that connects an object to its documentation and provides a unique identification. The Object number can consist of or a combination of letters and numbers. In Natural History Museum Rijeka the following combination like PMR-00001 is used. PMR is an acronym that stands for Natural History Museum Rijeka in Croatian language (Prirodoslovni muzej Rijeka). On the search list you will also find the Catalogue number that is unique identification of the object in the museum collection .It is related to the museum object number that is an unique identification number for the whole Museum.

Croatian name
It contains the title of the museum object in Croatian language. While the common practice is to use the Latin names for the object titles, availability of this information depends on the nature of the collection, depth of cataloging that is required, and on the use that is made of the collection. Curators constantly update the database, and they are trying to give most comprehensive data, that also include the Croatian name.

Latin name
It contains the title of the museum object in Latin language that consist of the genus and species and is normally used by the scientist and explorers of the nature. This field is not case sensitive so you can enter the few first letters of the species you want to find, and then by pressing the search button select the object from the list. The Latin name is written usually in the italic font like Flexopecten glabra (Linnaeus, 1758).

Advanced Search

The advanced search is a more sophisticated version of the basic. It searches the same fields as basic search but allows for more complex queries combining the following fields:

Catalogue number
It is a unique number of the object for the collection that is assigned by the curator. It is related to the museum object number that is an unique identification number for the whole Museum. So all museum object for are identified with two numbers. like Flexopecten glabra (Linnaeus, 1758) that is catalogued with the number 1682 in A04 Malacogical collection, and that object is identified at the Museum level with the Museum object number PMR-02299.

Object type
Represents an information about the object like, rock, amphibian, reptile, mollusk, etc.

Collection method
Represents an information how the object was collected or came to the Museum. It is a drop- down list that contains the following categories (field collection, gift, bequest, purchase, unknown)

Collection place
Represents an information where the object was collected. Please be aware that some information are only available in Croatian language like "Otok Krk" that stands for the Island of Krk.

Collection date
Represents an information when the object was collected or purchased. It can be the correct date or information that contains a year only.

Current location
Represents an information where the object is now preserved in the Museum. Please be aware that information are only available in Croatian language.

Represents the name of curator who has catalogued the object

It is a drop-down list from which you can select to view rare, protected or interesting species that are preserved in the Museum. These object records contain more comprehensive description and images.

Search Results

Search results return a list of objects (if any) matching the search terms. Objects are sorted by Inventory Numberr and the default list view displays them in the format Inventory Number; Catalogue number , Latin name or Croatian name. The default setting display 33 objects records per page. Search pages can be navigated by using the ‘<< previous page’ and ‘next page >>’ links.

I would like more information about an object

If you are interested in a particular object and would like to know more information about it, we encourage you to contact us at . Please include the object number of the object you are inquiring about in your e-mail.

I can’t find what I’m looking for

Try using the advanced search, or enter more specific terms. If you need more help or would like to know more about Collections Online, please contact us at

Permitted use

You are only permitted to download or print material from this website for your own noncommercial and personal use. It would be fair to state the Natural History Museum Rijeka as the source of the information's.

Other ways of insight, searching and browsing of the documentation is regulated by the Regulation on conditions and manner of achieving insight into the museum material and documentation (NN 115/01) (available only in Croatian language)

Special Requirements for the publication of data
For the publication of data from this site, the user has the obligation to specify the name of the Natural History Museum Rijeka, and name and number of inventory object. Also, is obligated to give the museum three publications in which published material or documentation. Users are obligated to ask for special written permission of the museum director for data publication.

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